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How does it work?

How does it work?

Specify your e-mail address to receive weekly reports on transitions and transactions:

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On the basis of your e-mail, we will create a unique UTM tag, which will be able to track the transitions on the links that you have placed.

(All actions with your links can only be seen by you!)

* By clicking on the "Participate" button you agree to the terms of participation in the affiliate program described above and the processing of personal data.

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*During the closed beta testing in 2018, $ 13384.68 have already been paid to our partners and 108 transactions have been made! Do only your favorite things. We take care of all customer services and delivery.

For first 5 confirmed transactions from your UTM tag —
we will send you free shungite gifts worth $ 50!

To clarify the delivery address, please email us at with registered email


What is the UTM tag and how does it work:

UTM tags are added to the link. They contain information about the name of the advertising campaign.

This is the example of how it looks like:

When someone clicks on this link, the content of the tags will be sent to the Analytics system — Google Analytics. Where the actions of the user who clicked on this link are tracked, such as: the number of pages viewed, the time on the site, the transactions made. Based on this data, we can easily transfer your reward with 100% guarantee.

More detailed at wikipedia.

Is there any lifetime of the UTM tag?

The period of limitation of the UTM tag is 6 months from the date of the last activity (transitions and transactions on the marked links).

If you are confirming your participation in our partnership program, you can use the simplified form to generate the marked links:

Note, specify the email that you indicated when registering in the partnership program, otherwise the UTM label will not be generated correctly!
Select a page on the website, which you would like to share with your audience and paste the link into this field:

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